With the new Chefville Cheats Bot you will be able to generate unlimited coins, cash, and hearts . This will allow you to play your game for free without any restrictions. You will be able to enjoy playing your favorite game without paying or waiting. The bot don’t require your facebook password to work. All you need to do is enter your facebook e-mail. See detailed instructions how to use the hack below in this post.

File name: Chefville Cheats.exe
File Size:
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Virus Scan: 0/47

Screen shot:
Chefville Cheats Screen shot

Chefville Bot Features:

Coins generator
Now you’re able to generate unlimited amounts of coins to your account. This will help you to expand your restaurant empire faster than ever.

Cash generator
The cash generator allows you to add as many cash as you need completely free. You will unlock all premium features of the game for free.

Hearts generator
You don’t need to worry that your hearts will over. If that happens all you have to do is to fill them with our Hearts generator.

All browsers supported
The hack supports all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many other).

Daily updates
We’re constantly working on providing you the best hacks available and we’re doing it completely free. You will receive update noifications when new version of the hack is available.

The ChefVille Hack is completely undetectable and keeps your account safe from ban. The tool cover it’s tracks after generating your items.

Anti-ban protection
The hack has build-in ban protection that will keep your account 100% safe when using the hack. We want you to be safe and gain good experience with our hack. That is why we have included additional options for ban-protection.


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